1921: Year of foundation "Apparate und Maschinenbau Kastl"

1974: Year of foundation "REGO Gollwitzer GmbH & Co. KG"

2003: Corporate association of "Apparate und Maschinenbau Kastl" and "REGO

Gollwitzer GmbH & Co. KG" under the name "Rego X-Ray GmbH"

2014: Takeover of the company Rego X-Ray GmbH through Mr. Görkem Göktürk

2015: Introduction of the OTC-productline Aktident

After Apparate und Maschinenbau Kastl, which produced filters for pumping systems, special machines, aluminiumsheet metal processing

a new product range was developed by the subsidiary company "REGO Gollwitzer GmbH & Co. KG": medicine products and

also X-Ray products with appropriate high quality accessories. Since 1994, all products are in conformity

with the quality management standard ISO 9001 (formerly the ISO 9003).

Additionally all products of the X-Ray protection clothes and accessories are fulfilling the standards of the personal protection equipment


Rego X-Ray GmbH is an individual company with currently 12 employees and is until now to 100% in

family ownership and owner managed.

We are for years a reliable supplier and partner with our quality products

in the medical technology, for OTC-products, X-Ray aprons, X-Ray- and also radiology equipment.

Rego X-Ray GmbH product portfolio:

X-Ray cassettes

Grids for conventional X-Rays CR, DR

Slip-on-grids made of stainless steel or carbon fibre

Cassette holders

ID Cameras Daylight

X-Ray clothing for users und patients

X-Ray accessories

X-Ray protection Racking systems for X-Ray clothings and accessories

X-Ray protection systems: mobile X-Ray protection wall and ceiling mounted shield

Compensating filters

Positioning aids, covers for bucky table

Belt compressors and truss pads

X-Ray viewing boxes

Leg holder Rippstein

X-Ray dosimeter with accessories

Densitometer, Sensitometer and combination devices

Safelight for darkroom and accessories

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