Intensifying screens


X-ray intensifying screens

Special 200 blue

NP 400 blue, NP 800 blue

GR 100 green, GR 200 green

GR 400 green, GR 800 green

Graduating screens

GR +/- 400/100

GR +/-/+ 400/100/400


  Sizes of screens cm (inch)

  9x12, 13x18, 15x30, 15x40,

  18x24, 18x43 (7x17), 20x40, 20x60, 20x80, 20x96,

  24x24, 24x30, 30x30, 30x35, 30x40, 30x60, 30x90, 30x120,

  35x35 (14x14), 35x43 (14x17), 35x107, 40x40

  Other sizes on request



  As download in German/English: Download

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