Ovary- and Gonad Protection for Babies and Infants - Daphne /Apollo

No slipping out of place of the protection shield, full radiograph, easy putting on, maximum safety, perfect hygiene and improved cleaning of the lead inlay or replacement by a new one? All these factors are offered by our new ovary and gonad protection for babies and infants! These combine X-ray protection with sustainability!

The challenge in working with babies and infants is that they can`t stand stil like adults do. With our protection designed especially for babies and infants, their protection shield will not slip away, and a full radiograph can be taken easily!

The ovary protection as well as the gonad protection are equipped with a belt and can be adjusted to the body width of the child. In the same way as the gonad protection for boys and men, the one for babies can also be formed to a capsule by velcro and used with our hygienic bags. The specialty is: You would like to wash the outside material? Not a problem! Take out the lead inlay. Hygiene and sustainability are combined in our product. Damaged lead or outside material can be replaced separately.

Don’t miss it and make your everyday work easier! But don’t forget: Radiation protection is only guaranteed with a lead insert!


Lead vinyl, mutlilayered

Lead equivalent

Pb 1,0 mm

Outer cover

Nylon coated with PU

Sizes / Colours

Girls Small: cherry red (0-2 years)
Girls Large: pink (3-6 years)
Boys Small: bavarian blue (0-2 years)
Boys Large: atlantic blue (3-6 years)


One outside cover and one lead inlay


Velcro fastener at the capsule of the gonad protection as well as on the
belt of ovary and gonad protection


The lead can be taken off the outside cover
Outside cover can be washed
Lead and outer cover can be ordered separately