X-Ray Protection Gloves with Imitation Leather Cover

The foam-padded lead gloves offer a maximum X-Ray protection for up to 100 kVp. Having a high flexibility and strong protection against X-Rays they are easy to clean as they have a smooth surface. For disinfection you can use a hygienic cloth – your protection and that of your patients is assured. You profit from this advantage and your everyday life is facilitated by having these reusable, maximally protecting X-Ray protection gloves.

For the perfect storage and quick putting on and off we recommend the REGO glove racks, available as single wall racks, or in combination with an apron as well as integrated in a rack mobile. Please ask for more information!


Lead vinyl

Lead equivalent

Pb 0,50 mm

Outer cover/Colour

Imitation leather, foam-padded, dark blue,
and - for larger orders - on request in bordeaux