Product Line – Silver Line

Bacterial contamination, unpleasant-smelling of work clothes, electrostatic charges, sweat in X-ray clothing during treatments or in the operating room – That’s all part of the past! Rego combines X-ray protection with additional protection against microbes, smelling and anti-static performance, at the same time regulating the body temperature. In Silver Line Series the outer cover of the apron’s inner side is made of a fabric interwoven with pure silver threads.

These silver threads are the reason for the numerous described advantages. They have an antimicrobial effect and thus prevent the growth of bacteria and therefore the unpleasant smells. Furthermore, this fibre is antistatic and thermoregulating. Long standing treatments are not a problem anymore. This fabric keeps you fresh and cool for a long time. Fibre surface: No nanotechnology or complex chemical formula, just natural silver! The outside of the outer cover is made of a sturdy, water-repellent material. This product line is completed with trendy, coloured patch pockets and numerous accessories such as thyroid protection and hat. Please contact us for more information! The product line Silver Line was awarded the Red Dot 2019 as it combines the maximum possible X-ray protection, wearing comfort and a new trendy design based on the guidelines DIN EN 61331-3:2016 and the PSA 2016/425.