Smit-Grids/ Smit-Bucky Grids

Lightweight, portable, high X-Ray reluctancy and as low as possible absorption of primary radiation – at the same time the patient is exposed to a low as possible radiation dose.

The reason for the high quality is the highly transparent interspacer, which enables a thickness of the grid up to 5 mm. Thus, a higher quality picture is possible.

The Smit-grids are available as mobile version as well as mounted onto the Bucky table (Smit-Bucky-grid).

s.85_Smit-Raster_DUNLEE - Anti-scatter grid


Highly transparent interspacer

Thickness of grid

Up to 5 mm


Mobile or on Bucky table

Lines /cm / Ratio*

Smit-grid: 44/8, 44/10, 44/12, 60/10
Smit-Bucky-grid: 36/8; 36/10, 36/12, 44/8, 44/10, 44/12, 60/10, 60/13


Smit-grid: all sizes from 13 x 18 cm up to 40 x 40 cm Smit-Bucky grid: 48 x 43,8 cm