Compensating Filter

A versatile filter for your X-Rays – X-Rays of the shoulder, pelvis or spine are a challenge in your daily routine. Too much radiation is absorbed by the surrounding, differently thick parts of the body. The targeted area is overexposed and the radiography shows a nearly black patch instead. You can avoid this when using compensating filters, which eliminate the interfering soft rays. You achieve an absorption and thus an improved X-Ray quality. At the same time exposure to radiation on the patients‘ side is reduced. Depending on the X-Ray apparatus, the transparent base plates are made of impact-resistant polycarbon in varios sizes.


Aluminium alloy

Ground plate / Colour

Polycarbon, transparent


Base plate: standard sizes: on choice 170 x 170 mm or 176 x 176 mm


36: 43 x 52 x 35 cm
72: 79,5 x 52 x 35 cm
108: 116 x 52 x 35 cm
144: 152 x 52 x 35 cm


Hilus-filter for tomography of lung, for a.-p. and p.a. X-Rays:
Classic (made of high quality acrylic glass) Art.- No.: 620001
Universal (made of a special aluminium alloy) Art.- No: 620002
For X-Rays of spine and extremities +/- Art.- No: 620003
For X-Rays of foot, lungs in female patients and for thoracic spine
(a.-p.) +/- Art.- No: 620004
For X-Rays of total leg, upright positioned, pelvis, high narrow-waist
and broad-hip compensation +/- Art.- No.: 620005
For X-rays of shoulder joints (a.-p) Art.- No.: 620006
For X-Rays of skull (frontal und lateral) Art.- No.: 620007
For X-Rays of thoracic spine (lateral) Art.- No.: 620008
For anterior somatograms (Rippstein) in child orthopaedics
For X-Rays of pelvis (a.-p) Art.- No.: 620009
Für X-Rays of abdomen Art.- No.: 620010
Pediatric filters as additional filter for reduction of X-Rays in pediatry
(made of bimetal or transparent, sizes 170 x 176 mm)
Pediatric filter 1mm Al/0,10 mm Cu Art.- No.: 620013
Pediatric filter 1mm Al/0,20 mm Cu Art.- No.: 620014
For X-Rays of thoriacic spine, lumber spine and pelvis +/- Art.- No.: 620015
For X-Rays of hand and fingers Art.- No.: 620016

Customized products

The standard sizes (170x170mm and 176x176mm) fit into the light
localizers of all common X-ray devices (e.g. Siemens, Philips).
Other formats are also available on request