Ovary Protection

You have the choice: Do you prefer a direct or an indirect ovary protection? For female patients both options are allowed according to DIN EN 61331-3:2016.

Perfect size adjustment, fast fixation onto the belt of the desired ovary protection pad and putting on via velcro. While being maximally protected with the direct ovary protection, you receive the optimal X-Ray pictures. All offered by our REGO direct ovary protection.

Our indirect ovary protection can be applied for X-Rays in horizontal as well as upright positions without having to be put on directly, to enable fast and unproblematic examinations. The frame is fixed onto a rail of the diaphragm and enables the proper and precise insert via magnets. When having X-Ray images, the desired shadow is casted onto the uterus. Thus, an X-Ray protection of Pb 2,0 mm is reached. You receive the frame in a set with 5 different sized, interchangeable inserts.


Lead vinyl, multilayered

Lead equivalent

Direct ovary protection: Pb 1,0 mm
Indirect ovary protection: Pb 2,0 mm

Outer cover

Nylon coated with PU


Direct ovary protection: Small, Medium, Large
Indirect ovary protection: 5 inserts with increasing sizes


Direct ovary protection: consisting of small, medium, large size and
one belt
Indirect ovary protection: one frame (170 x 170 mm/ 176 x 176 mm)
with five inserts with increasing sizes


Direct ovary protection: velcro fastener

Indirect Ovary Protection