Design and Colours

The “Classic Line” product line, which is offered in the comfort and slim fit version, captivates with its loosely or waisted fit on one hand and with its classic and long-standing materials on the other hand.

The interior protection material is covered by our double-sided fabrics “Classic Line”. It convinces with its robust, water-repelling and easy-care properties. Shoulder pads are included in the basic equipment. In addition, you can get chest or skirt pockets as well as embroideries for the Classic Line models, on request.

Silver Line, available in the waisted slim fit, is especially characterized by its new, functional and silver thread-interwoven material of the outer layer’s interior side. The characteristics and advantages of this fibre will be explained in the following chapters. The outer layer of this product line consists of the Classic Line material in atlantic blue, in addition to trendy Classic Line material applications in your favourite colour. Shoulder pads, chest and skirt pockets are included in the basic equipment, additional features can be integrated on request.

Silver Line – the inner side of outer cover : navy blue. Other colours on request.

Our Pattern for Kids

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Seal the Sailor