Dose Sensor: Mammographic Detector

Mammographic X-Ray devices basically vary in the dose of radiation applied, in comparison to the conventional X-Ray devices. The significantly lower X-Ray dose of maximum 50 kV complicate the receipt of precise results for constancy measurements done with usual detectors.

Thus, a mammographic detector had been developed: Measurement of X-Ray dose from 22 kV up to 55 kV can be determined with this device and are read out and displayed via the basic device Alpha Plus.

Application area

Constancy tests of analog and digital X-Ray devices

Basic device

Alpha Plus


Housing of plastic material

Dose range

0,1 mGy/s – 500 mGy/s

Energy range

22 kV – 55 kV

Cable length

130 cm


50 Gramm

Size (W x H x D)


Plug connection, to be screwed, included
Flexible cable, included