Thyroid Protection

Are you looking for a thyroid protection for patients and medical personnel? Choose one of our three different options of thyroid protection:

All-around protection against X-rays, available in two sizes: REGO Standard thyroid protection

Optimized movability in the operation area or during long-lasting examinations, an all-around protection in standard size: REGO Sternum protection

Maximum thyroid protection for panoramic radiographs with optimized and limitless X-Ray imaging capability by sparing the lead inlay in the wings on the neck– REGO Panoramic thyroid protection

We offer suitable hygienic cases for any of our thyroid protection shields. Use them for perfect and highest possible hygiene!

Panorama Thyroid Protection
Hygienic Case
Sternum Protection
Standard Thyroid Protection


Lead vinyl, multilayered

Lead equivalent

Pb 0,50 mm

Outer cover

Nylon, coated with PU


Standard: Small, Large
Sternum: Standard size
Panorama: Small, Large


Simple velcro or magnetic lock in neck strap

Hygienic case

On request