T-Shield / Testes Protection

We offer an all-around protection of the male gonads under full hygienic conditions and a fast application: Choose between the flexible T-shield protection or the Testes protection – a hard capsule with spring lock.

Having a special coating, the patients are protected from skin irritations using any of the two options. The perfect hygiene is ensured when using our hygienic bags for Testes and T-shield protection. A Pb Value of 1,0 mm is reached by both options. Perfect protection for every man!

The important questions are: Are you looking for a flexible gonad protection with velcro or a hard lead vinyl capsule based on natural rubber? The T-shield gonad protection made of multilayered lead vinyl is available in a set or individually in three sizes and is closed into a capsule using Velcro straps. The shield can easily be cleaned and disinfected when opened. On the contrary the hard capsule is available in two sizes which are equipped with a spring lock. A quick and easy putting on by the patient is guaranteed.


T-Shield Gonadprotection: Lead vinyl, multilayered
Testes protection: Lead vinyl, single-layered, form natural rubber

Lead equivalent

All-around protection: Pb 1,0 mm

Outer cover

T-Shield gonad protection: Nylon coated with PU

Sizes / Colours

T-Shield gonad protection:
Small (up to 9 years, red), Medium (up to 14 years, green),
Large (older than 15 years, blue)
Testes protection, white:
Adults: 135 x 105 x 60 mm
Boys: 103 x 85 x 55 mm


T-Shield gonad protection: Small, Medium, Large


T-Shield gonad protection: velcro fastener
Testes protection: spring lock etui