Fluorad 150

Testing device for the acceptance test of imaging and scanning devices according to DIN 6868 Part 150. With “Fluorad 150” you are able to make the following statements:

Dynamic range
Contrast Resolution
Spatial Resolution
Radiation Quality

  1. The copper plate is 1,5 mm thick
  2. 17-leveled copper steps for checking the contrast range (thickness 0,0 to 3,5 mm) within a dynamic level there is also a detail contrast field (ø 4 mm)
  3. 8 detailed contrast fields (ø 10 mm) to determine the contrast resolution
  4. Lead line grid (0.5 to 5 LP/mm), rotated 45°, to determine the spatial resolution
  5. Radiation-proof center marking
  6. Radiation-dense digits for designating the dynamic levels
  7. Positioning lines
Fluorad 150-2
Fluorad 150_sayfa_94

Size (W x H x D)

 300 mm x 300 mm x 18,5 mm


The copper plate within the details is bedded in acrylglass plates.

Material / colour

The acrylglass is white, so that the light radiation can be better seen under spotlight conditions.


The structures are painted on booth sides of the testphantom.