REGO Mouth and Nose Protection Cover

The silver series REGO Mouth- and Noseprotection cover was designed under the recent pandemic situation we encountered. The protection fulfills its duty on exterior occasion. This prevents the transmission of droplets, which can come in contact with the nose and mouth area.

The Silver Series REGO Mouth- and Noseprotection Covers available in 10 piece pack and 4 different colors. It has 2 variants.

As a well-known manufacturer of X-ray protective clothing, we have used our Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Directive (EU) 2016/425 experience in the manufacturing of this mouth and nose protection mask.

The Polyester material partially contains silver threads, which are antibacterial (confirmed by the Testing institute OPMG), antistatic, odorrepelling, thermoregulating and water resistant. Scientific studies show that silver ions are able to destroy pathogenes. In its development we took special care for it to be comfortably to wear. It has 2 different types of closing mechanism: Type 1: 2 pairs of bands. To tie them together Type 2: 2 integrated rubber ear slopes for easy pull over. The cotton inlay offers additional comfort and absorbs the moisture of the air from the mouth Easy to handle it can be washed up to 60° C in the gentle cycle of your washing machine.

The laminated side of the mouth and nose protection mask is waterproof and offers limited air permeability. In this way, air circulation during breathing takes place outside the surface of the mask. All physical properties of the material have been tested by the manufacturer according to European standards. We hereby declare that the mask does not comply with the PPE regulation.


High performance

Proven antibacterial effect


Quick attachment by elastic ear loops


Cotton insert for graduation of breath moisture


2 fastening options : 2 pairs ribbons for
lacing or elastic ear loops