Device Rippstein

The application of the Rippstein device is necessary for antetorsion X-Rays a.-p. and also those in direction of the shaft in the femur with a 90° hip- and knee flexion in order to obtain a high quality diagnostics. Any movement or failure, while positioning, would effect substantial deviations on the X-Ray images. REGO Rippstein device positions the patients and keeps them still in the desired position; high-quality and precise images are guaranteed!

There are available holders for the shanks for children and adults, an individual adjustment of the Rippstein device to the hip width, upper leg and lower leg is also possible by adapting two metal bars.


Field of application

Imaging antetorsion


Stainless steel, cellular rubber


Appr. 6 kg

(W x H x D)

Width: max. appr. 70 cm
Hight: max. appr. 45 cm


Holder for lower legs in two sizes included
Can be adjusted in width as well as in height with screw lock devices
Can be fixed on T-slots or on the side profile rails of the X-Ray table