Half Apron

Fast, secure and simple at the same time? Our half aprons for the genital area with velcro closure or hip clamp grip offer the perfect solution for children and adults!

You are looking for an unisex solution for your patients‘ gonad protection? A half apron is the best option – available in two sizes for children and two sizes for adults, with velcro closure or hip clamp grip. Choose your suitable and most favorable design and perfectly protect your patients against direct X-Rays in a fast and simple way for the use in e.g. thoracic or abdominal examinations. Also available as a set of four.

For the perfect storage of the half aprons with hip clamp grip, we offer our wall rack for half aprons, where up to four aprons can be hung up. Simple and quick putting on and off eases the progress of work prolongs the durability of the half aprons by a proper storage at the same time.

Fields of application

Examination of thorax and upper abdomen


Lead vinyl, multilayered

Lead equivalent

Front protection: Pb 0,50 mm

Outer cover

Nylon coated with PU


Adults: A1 (Small), A2 (Large)
Children: C1 (Small), C2 (Large)


Consisting of C1, C2, A1, A2


Choose: velcro or hip clamp grip

Size Chart

Half Apron

Size L x W

Children C1

20 x 25 cm

Children C2

30 x 30 cm

Adult A1

37 x 40 cm

Adult A2

45 x 50 cm