Panoramic Patient Protection

You need a patient protection for panoramic images with the orthopantomograph, in dentistry or for lateral skull radiography? We have the perfect solution for you.

Our easy to handle, two-piece panoramic patient and backside protection is perfect for standing image radiographs. On the front the patient is protected by the apron over the thighs and with the panoramic thyroid protection on the neck. Additionally, the apron covers the spine with a long strip of X-Ray protection material on the backside of the patient, which maximally secures against X-Rays. The apron can beclosed by the help of a high-quality Velcro fastener. The specially developed panoramic thyroid shield protects the thyroids against X-Rays and enables optimal and unlimited image recordings. Choose our Panorama patient protection including backside protection and panoramic thyroid protection!


Fields of application recommended

Panoramic images in orthodontics and dentistry in sitting or upright position


Lead vinyl, multilayered

Lead equivalent

Front protection: Pb 0,35 mm; Pb 0,50 mm Back protection: as standard Pb 0,35 mm

Outer cover

Nylon coated with PU


Small, Large each for children and adults

Customized products

On request


Adults: simple velcro on one shoulder
Children: velcro in the front, placed vertically at breast height

Shoulder pads


Breast pocket

On request

Size Chart

Dental Apron Panaromic



Children DC 1

45 cm

60 cm

Children DC 2

45 cm

70 cm

Adult DA 1

60 cm

80 cm

Adult DA 2

60 cm

90 cm