Lower Body Shield

Our lower body X-Ray protection mounted on the operating table offers an extensive protection for doctors and medical personnel while operating. The flexible and lead material, is available in a value of Pb 0,50 mm. The metal parts are non-ferromagnetic due to their properties acquired by eloxation. The lower body protection curtains can be mounted on both sides of the operating table upon request, enabling very easy positioning by adjusting the rails. This enables the user to achieve maximum protection and comfort.


Lead vinyl / Metal Parts from eloxated aluminium

Lead equivalent

Pb 0,50 mm, on request Pb 1,00 mm




Length: 110 cm, Height: 76 cm


Metal part: app. 4 kg
Lead part: Pb 0,50 mm: app. 7,4 kg

Customized product

On request

Connection system

T-Nut rail system, for rails with 25 x 10 mm