X-Ray Scattered Radiation Grids

In order to minimize the scattered radiation and improve the quality of X-Rays you can use X-Ray grids consisting of numerous lead lamellae. Depending on the configuration, parallel or focused to the X-ray direction in V-Shape, the choice is between parallel or focused grids with their specific advantages and disadvantages.

You wish to have a best quality X-Ray picture and a perfect positioning (centering and focusing) of the patient? Then the focused grid is your choice. The scattered radiation is absorbed as much as possible, the direct radiation gets through the customized lamellae perfectly through the grid and enables in this way a premium quality X-Ray picture.

For in bed patients or in emergency rooms, where a correct positioning of the patient is difficult or nearly impossible, we propose the parallel grid. The quality is lower however the size of picture is bigger, and you have a more successful radiography.

All grids mentioned below are available as parallel and as focused grids. In addition to the lines per cm you can choose different ratios. The ratio describes the relation between lamellae’s height and lamellae’s distance.