Standard Patient Protection

Maximum frontal protection – maximum wearing comfort – individual adaptability –an unlimited image recording – our standard patient protection including panoramic thyroid protection guarantees these specialities.

For sitting or lying radiographs we developed our individually adaptable standard patient protection. The two-piece standard patient protection, consisting of an apron and a panoramic thyroid shield, maximally protects the patient from undesired, frontal X-Rays. The velcro over the shoulder blades generates a maximum protection as well as a high wearing comfort. Therefore, the apron can be put on perfectly and quickly. The exclusively developed panoramic thyroid protection is included in the set as well.


Fields of application recommended

Panoramic images in orthodontics and dentistry in sitting or upright position


Lead vinyl, multilayered

Lead equivalent

Front protection: Pb 0,35 mm; Pb 0,50 mm

Outer cover

Nylon coated with PU


Small, Large each for children and adults

Customized products

On request


Simple velcro for the easy putting on and connecting the front protection on the shoulder blades

Shoulder pads

On request

Breast pocket

On request

Size Chart

Dental Apron



Children DC 1

45 cm

60 cm

Children DC 2

45 cm

70 cm

Adult DA 1

60 cm

80 cm

Adult DA 2

70 cm

90 cm