Model „Ultra-light“

You need safe eye protection, that is lightweight and simultaneously stylish? Manufactured of lightweight nylon, it offers highest comfort and protection while wearing the goggles through its safe and near-to-face shape fit (incl. chord) and Pb 0,75 mm (Pb +/- 0,05 mm) for your eyes. For spectacle wearers this model can also be supplied with correction glasses from +3,0 up to -3,0 dioptrees. Isn’t this model the perfect goggle for long-lasting examinations and treatments?


Lead glass

Lead equivalent

Pb 0,75 mm (+/- Pb 0,05 mm)

Outer cover/Colour

Durable Nylon / black / silver


64 g


Available with or without correction,
Correction +3,0 up to -3,0 diopters are possible


1 x goggles Ultralight, 1 x case for goggles, 1 x cord, 1 x REGO-spectacles cloth