Safelight – LED-X

For film development in small and mid-sized darkrooms you use safelight LED with red filter (Polymethylmethacrylat – PMMA). Facilitate your daily work routine with this dimmable light. Its indirect light is suitable for all imaging screens and dental screens.

PRODUKTE - Dunkelkammerleuchte – LED-X

Application area

During processing green / blue emitting films in darkrooms, for any X-Ray film types and dental films

Material / colour

Plastic material / white


Wall mounting

Power supply

AC 110-230 V / 50-60 Hz
20 LEDs: DC 12 V / 700 mA, 5W


400 grams

Size (W x H x D)

110 x 70 x 160 mm

Environmental conditions allowed

Temperature: -30°C - + 50°C
Humidity: 30% - 90% (without condensation)


Red lamp (640 nm)
Brightness control (on the backside) included
Cable 1,5 m included