Model „Panorama“

Highest flexibility possible, maximum peripheral field of view, side protection through lateral glass, shatterproof and spring-suspended hinges with silicone spectacle bridge: Use the highest possible comfort with the included spectacle chord, an even weight distribution and the best protection from X-Rays at your workplace.

Do you wear glasses? A correction of the lenses from +4,0 up to -7,0 Dioptrees is possible. Please contact us in this respect with your required correction data.


Lead glass

Lead equivalent

Pb 0,75 mm (+/- Pb 0,05 mm) @ 150 kV

Outer cover/Colour

High quality acetate, brown


83 g


Available with or without correction,
Correction +4,0 up to -7,0 diopters are possible


1 x goggles Panorama, 1 x case for goggles, 1 x cord,
1 x REGO-spectacles cloth