Ceiling Mounted Protection Shield

Optimize your working place with the REGO ceiling mounted protection shield.

The medical personnel is facing a problem regarding the high radiation exposure due to long radioscopies and frequent examinations in the interventional radiology. The front of the body is protected while using an X-ray protection apron, however the head, arms and hands are exposed to high radiation.

The well-known ALARA* principle – a basic X-ray protection guideline – requests an as low aspossible radiation exposure – even deceeding the limit – achievable by reasonable meansfor persons who are subject to ionizing radiation at their workplace. The combination of our products „REGO ceiling mounted protection shield“ and „REGO lower body protection“ enables you to protect yourself in the best possible way at your workplace, while wearing X-ray protection aprons with low lead equivalent.

The ceiling mounted protection shield consists of the central axis, extension arm andretaining rod.

*ALARA: “As Low As Reasonably Achieveable”

Simple central axis

Description: stable metal construction for fixation on the raw ceiling
(cement) for bridging the suspended ceiling
Length: 37-144cm
Bearing capacity: 30 kg
With dome cover
Optional 2-way, 3-way and 4-way arm possible

Extension arm

Range/Length: 60 cm, 75 cm, 85 cm or 95 cm
Rotation: by 360° around the central axis
Mounting: Linking to spring arm

Spring arm

Length: 90 cm
Bearing capacity: up to 21 kg
Rotation: iadjustable in the vertical direction in intervals every 15°
from -45° to +45°
Mounting: Linking to retaining rod internal and adjustable
Spring allows shield to balance and stay in desired position

Retaining rod

Length: 60 cm or 80 cm
Vertical rotation : by 360°, inclination of shield by about -5° bis +45°
Mounting: Coupling to protective shield by a ball joint
Including black thermoplastic handle to guide the holder arm

Protection shield

Dimensions: Lead Acrylic panel 77 x 62 x 1,2 cm
Lead equivalent: Pb 0,50 mm
Rotation: vertically by 360° around the suspension
Customized product: different sizes or cuttings on request