Testing of Aprons

In addition to the daily optical test of the aprons by checking tears, holes, defective seams and possibly defects of the inner protection material, a periodical touch or x-ray check is necessary (DIN 6857-2), so small damages can be detected. Depending on the age and frequency of use of the X-ray protection apron, a regular and at least annual touch test is recommended according to DIN 6857-2. Noticeable damage such as breaks, kinks, cracks or holes can be hereby detected.

Latest after the third year of use the aprons must be tested by X-Ray. Only this way damages can be recognized and removed. When there was no damage, the next test will have to be done after 2 years, and then every year.

We offer a professional testing service. Send your X-Ray protection clothes to us, we check them and return them to you at once. The service includes the regular sight and functional testing – depending on the age – as well as the testing with X-Rays. The necessary documentation is provided as well.

Please contact us for more information.