Dental Apron for Patients and Operators

Veried areas of application – for doctors and patients – as well as maximum protection against direct and indirect X-Rays thanks to additional back protection: the REGO dental apron including standard thyroid protection!

You are looking for varied applicable aprons? Our model „dental apron“ is your solution, as it is usable for patients as well as for operators. Additionally, it is independent from whether you need it for panoramic, cephalometric or for sinus radiographies. This model fits for all these applications. The weight reduced dental apron, consisting of two pieces, ensures unlimited frontal protection up until the thighs as well as protection for the shoulder blades. With the side wings it can be closed by high quality Velcro fasteners on the front side. Included in this dental apron set is also a standard thyroid shield, protecting the whole neck.


Fields of application

Orthopantomographics, cephalometry, sinography – suitable for patients or medical personnel in sitting and upright position


Lead Vinyl, multilayered

Lead equivalent

Front protection: Pb 0,35 mm; Pb 0,50 mm Shoulder protection: as standard 0,35 mm Pb

Outer cover

Nylongewebe PU-beschichtet


Small, Large each for children and adults

Customized products

On request


Velcro crossing at the backside to be closed frontally at the sides

Shoulder pads

On request

Breast pocket

On request

Size Chart

Dental Apron



Children DC 1

45 cm

60 cm

Children DC 2

45 cm

70 cm

Adult DA 1

60 cm

80 cm

Adult DA 2

70 cm

90 cm