Intensifying Screens

In order to obtain a sharp and high-resolution quality picture, one often requires intensifying screens with fluorescent salt made from Rare Earths. These absorb the X-Rays more efficiently and emit the radiation via visible light onto the film / imaging plate. That way you can reach the desired sharpness of the radiograph easily and safely. The simple installation, by adhesion, and the choice between different speed classes (100, 200, 400, 800) facilitates your daily radiologic routine. One thing to observe: Which screens are suitable for your imaging? – Depending on the type of imaging the use of green- or blue-emitting is necessary. The higher the speed class, the higher is the patient’s protection, however the sharpness of the picture will be deteriorated at the same time.

For various application fields the graduated screens might be adequate, more information on request.



Green emitting (Rare Earth Material)
Blue emitting (Basis Calcium Tungstate)

Speed Class

On choice: 100, 200, 400, 800


Adhesion in the cassette


Any size possible: from 9 x 12 cm
up to 40 x 40 cm